ASTM E 2072-00
ASTM E 2073-00
ASTM E 2030-99
DIN 67 510 Parts 1-4
IMO Resolution A752.18
APTA SS-PS-002-98 Rev.1
APTA SS-PS-004-99
JIS-Z9107: 1998
UL 924
UL 1994
BS 4218
BS 5378
BS 5499
  Photoluminescent Standards
ASTM E 2072-00 Top
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Specifies minimum acceptable luminance values to qualify a material as a safety marking.
ASTM E 2073-00 Top
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Describes in detail how to test photoluminescent markings to obtain repeatable luminance results.
ASTM E 2030-99 Top
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Describes recommended uses and gives information about photoluminescent safety markings as floor and wall mounted markings.
DIN 67 510 Parts 1-4 Top
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Part 1: Measurement and identification by the manufacturer.
Part 2: Measurement at the Place of Use.
Part 3: Photoluminescent escape route systems.
Part 4: Products for photoluminescent escape route systems, markings and applications.
IMO Resolution A752.18 Top
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Published in 1993 by the International Maritime Organization, requiring low-location lighting on board passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers.
ISO_17398 Top
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APTA SS-PS-002-98 Rev.1 Top
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Standard for emergency signage for egress/access of passenger rail equipment.
APTA SS-PS-004-99 Top
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Standard for low-location exit path marking published by the American Public Transit Association.
JIS-Z9107:1998 Top
Available from Japanese Standards Association, Tokyo, Japan.
MIL-L-3891-B Top
Military Specification canceled by DoD and replaced by ASTM E 2072-00, ASTM E 2073-00 and ASTM E 2030-99
UL 924 Top
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Latest revision from July 11, 2001 allows photoluminescent high performance EXIT signs that fulfill UL's new, stringent requirements
UL 1994 Top
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Exit path marker classifications that will be discontinued on January 9, 2002
BS 4218 Top
Specification for self luminous exit signs
BS 5378 Top
Safety signs and colours
BS 5499 Top
Fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols. Code of practice for escape route signing part 4:2000